Pet Friendly SW Florida


Announcing the First Ever SWFL Pets Photo Caption Contest


In ground breaking news, announces its FIRST EVER photo caption contest. Hopefully there will be many more to come, but until then we urge you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get something for nothing (well, almost nothing) and join in the fun.

Here’s the rules:

1. Reply to our tweet of the following image with your suggestion of a caption. Replies via email, comments to this blog post, thinking about them in the shower but not replying to the tweet, and other such not-tweet-replies will not count, although we do really appreciate your extra brain cycles!


2. The best caption will be chosen in February by a highly skilled panel consisting of myself, Bailey and Brady (pictured) and maybe a few friends if I can rope them in.

3. Winner will receive a $25 PetSmart gift card, courtesy of us. We are in no way affiliated, owned, controlled, influenced, sponsored, endorsed, loved, liked, hated, or anything else by PetSmart. I don’t think they even know we exist, actually. I’m just going to buy the gift card, and send it to you, but wanted to tell you what it is, because those vague “win a gift valued at $25″ lines repulse me when they don’t tell you what it is. They could be a bunch of old junk from a thrift shop that used to be worth something but are now broken.

So head on over to Twitter – just click here – and reply to our tweet to enter the contest!

January 8, 2014 |